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National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Nepal
(Formerly known as National Para Sports Association (NPSA))

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Kathmandu, Nepal

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Recreation and Sports is an integral part of human being, for it is the sole factor that develops the mentality, personality and feelings of men distinguishing them from their contemporary earth creatures. It has become not only the means of entertainment but also a human right and means of establishing national glory in recent years.

It is also equally essential for person with disabilities (PWDs) with the help of which they can lead a life of dignity and self respect. The recreation & sports for PWDs has been establishing as an important status in modern world of International Sports. If we look into the history of Nepalese sports of (PWDs), disabled athletes have been actively participating at various international competitions for last 35 years and also have received many medals and prizes.

Although efforts have been made by the Government to make a policy and implement carious activities to respect the dignity of disabled people, but in practice very little has been done. There is a wide gap between the demand and the provision of services to them. Till date we are not able to respect the disabled athletes properly because of the lack of resources, skilled man power, stadium halls, enough government commitment and absence of long term vision.

Hence, with a view to extend cooperation and coordination with all the concerned agencies and to conduct the sports competitions for the disabled around the kingdom regularly and International Participation "National Paralympic Committee (NPC) -Nepal" has been established.


"National Paralympic Committee (NPC) – Nepal" is a national, non – political, non-profit making and autonomous organization established in 2000 AD. It was born in the name of National Sports Association for the disabled and amendment was done after as the name of National Para Sports Association NPSA and finally its amendment done with the name of National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Nepal in 2009 as the guideline and direction of IPC, with the approval of HMG Nepal and registered accordingly to the act 2034. Its central office is in Kathmandu and branches will be extended throughout the kingdom as it required.

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